Visual Basic Interview Questions-Part 3

Does VB/Win make standalone .EXE files?

What is the current version of Visual Basic for Windows? [++]

Where can I get updated VB and other Microsoft files?

Where can I get good up-to-date information about VB? [++]

Are there any examples of commercial applications built using Visual Basic?

What's the difference between MODAL and MODELESS forms? [++]

When/Why should I use Option Explicit?

Why does everybody say I should save in TEXT not BINARY?

Is the Variant type slower than using other variable types?

How do I make a text box not beep but do something else when I hit the Enter key?

How do I implement an incremental search in list/dir/combo/file boxes?

How do I get the Tab key to be treated like a normal character?

How do I make an animated icon for my program?

What is passing by reference?

I get a "file not found" error on the IIF function when I distribute by program. Why?

Is there any way to pass a variable to a form apart from using global variables?

How should dates be implemented so they work with other language and country formats?

Can a VB application be an OLE server?

How do I dial a phone number without using the MSCOMM VBX?

I have [several] megabytes of memory. Why do I get an "out of memory" error? [++]

How do I mimic a toggle button? [++]

How do I get my application on top?

Is there a way to break long lines in VB code?

How do I remove/change the picture property of a control at design time?

Is a [foo] VBX/DLL available as shareware/freeware?

How do I make my applications screen-resolution independent?

How do I do Peek and Poke and other low-level stuff? [++]

Why doesn't "my string" & Chr$(13) do what I want?

How do I prevent multiple instances of my program?

How do I implement an accelerator key for a text box?

How do I force a file dialogue box to reread the currect disk?

How do I get the number of free bytes on a disk? [++]

Data Control missing from toolbox when I use VB under NT 3.5. Why?

How do I tell when an application executed using the SHELL command is finished?

How do I access C style strings?

How can I change the printer Windows uses in code without using the print common dialog? How
can I change orientation?

How do I speed up control property access?

How much gain in performance will I get if I write my number crunching routines in C instead of Visual Basic?

How do you make a TEXTBOX read only? Or, how do I prevent the user from changing the text in a TEXTBOX?

How can I create a VBX?

How do you change the system menu (on the Control-Menu Box)?

How do I play MID, WAV or other multimedia files?

How can I call a 'hidden' DOS program from VB?

How do I do drag & drop between applications?

How do I use GetPrivateProfileString to read from INI files?

How do I implement Undo?

How do I create a window with a small title bar as in a floating toolbar?

What is Pseudocode?

Does VB support pointers to functions?

How do I program the Novell NetWare API from VB?

How do you change the icon and otherwise manipulate the DOS box?

How do I make the mouse cursor invisible/visible?

How do I create controls dynamically (at run-time)?

How do I set the Windows wallpaper at runtime?

How do I call help files from a VB program? [**]

What is the Windows API?

How do I call a DLL?

What about DLL calls that require callbacks?

Why can't I use an index with my VB accessed database?

Is the Access Engine and Visual Basic Pro good enough for database work?

How do you avoid the "Invalid use of null" error when reading null values from a database?

What is "NULL"?

How can I access a record by record number?

How about Access 2.0 compatibility?

How come I get a "No Current Record" error when I use a a Data Control on an empty table?

How can I speed up my VB database application?

How do I get a bitmap picture in a field in an Access database?

What is "Reserved Error -1209"?

I'm getting error message "Reserved Error [-nnnn] ("There is no message for this error")" from Jet Engine 2.0.Why?

Why do I get "object not an array" when I try reference the fields of a global object variable which I have set to a table?


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