Visual Basic Interview Questions-Part 2

101. What is the use of ActiveX Documents?
102. What is ActiveX Document?
103. What is the use of Visual Basic Document file?
104. What is hyperlink?
105. How would you create Visual basic Document file?
106. What is Internet Explorer and its uses?
107. How would you navigate between one document to another document
in Internet Explorer ?
108. How would you run your ActiveX Document Dll?
109. How would you view html code in Active Server Pages?
110. How would you cre.ate your application in DHTML?
111. What is ActiveX Control?
112. Write the Steps in Creating an ActiveX Control?
113. How would you attach an ActiveX control in Your Application?
114. How would you create properties in ActiveX Control?
115. What is the-use of property page Wizard in ActiveX Control?
116. How would you add elements in TreevieW Control.
117. What are the types of line styles available in Treeview Control?
118. What is the use of Imagelist Controls
119. How would you attach pictures in Treeview Control?
120. What are the uses of List View Control?
121. Explain the types of Views in Listview Control.
122. How would you attach pictures in column headers of List View Control?
123. How would you add column headers in listview control?
124. How would you add elements and pictures to listitems in listview control?
125. How would you activate animation control?
126. What is the use of progress Bar Control?
127. How would you find out the value property in Slider Bar Control?
128. What is the use of Data Form Wizard?
129. How would you map properties to controls by using ActiveX Control Interface Wizard?
130. How would you convert a form into document?
131. How would you Create a Query Builder and Explain its uses
132. How would you create properties by using class Builder Wizard?
133. HTML stands for What? Use of HTML ?
134. Whether HTML supports multimedia: and document links?
135. DHTML Is used for what?
136. What do you mean by HTTP?
137. What is the use of Hyperlink control for DHTML applications?
138. How can you Navigate from the DHTML application to another DHTML application? .
139. What are the Internet tools available in VB6.0?
140. Explain the usage of Web Browser Control?
141. What do you mean by ADO?
142. What is the difference Between ADO and other data access objects0
143. WhatisOLEDB?
144. What are the important components of OLEDB?
145. Through which protocol OLEDB components are interfaced?
146. It possible to call OLEDB's Features directly in VB without using any control?
147. What type of databases you can access through AD I Data Access Object?
148. How many objects resides in ADO ?
.149. What is the use of Connection object?
150. Wat is the use of command Object?
151. Recordset object consists what?
152. What is the use of parameters collection?
153. Which type of object requires this object?
154. Is it possible to call backend procedures with ADO control?
155. Is there any Edit method in ADO Data Access method?
156. How can you check whether a record is valid record or Invalid record using ADO control or Object?
157. What do you mean by provider?
158. What type of recordsets are available in ADO?
159. Is it possible to call oracle database through ADO control or Object?
160. How many File System Controls are there ? Explain.
161. How can you filter out specific type of file using file system controls?
162. How can you get selected file from file system Control?
163. How many ways we can access file using VB?
164. Which method is preferred to save datas like database?
165. How to get freefile location in memory?
166. How to find size of the file. Which method or function is used to occomplish this?
167. Using which type we can access file line by line?
168. Which method is used to write context Into file?
169. How can you read content from file?
170. Binary Access-method isused to access file in which manner?
171. How can you check Beginning and End of the file?
172. What is the use of Scalewidth and ScaleHeight Proeperty?
173. What is the use of Active Control Property?
174. What are the types of Error?
175. In which areas the Error occurs?
176. What are the tools available for Debuggiu in VB?
177. What is the use of Immediate, Local Window?
178. What is the use of debug Window?
179. How can you Implement windows functionality in VB?
180. How many types of API functions are availble in VB?
181. How can you Add API functions to your Application?
182. How to get Cursor position using API?
183. Is it possible to change menu runtime using API? If yes? Specify the function names.
184. What are the types of API Types.


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