J2EE Interview Questions Part - 1

1. What is J2EE?

2. What is the J2EE module?

3. What are the components of J2EE application?

4. What are the four types of J2EE modules?

5. What does application client module contain?

6. What does web module contain?

7. What are the differences between Ear, Jar and War files? Under what circumstances should we use each one?

8. What is the difference between Session bean and Entity bean? one?

9. What is "applet"

10. What is "applet container"

11. What is authorization?

12. What is authorization constraint

13. What is B2B

14. What is backing bean

15. What is basic authentication

16. What is bean-managed persistence

17. What is bean-managed transaction

18. What is binding (XML)

19. What is binding (JavaServer Faces technology)

20. What is build file


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