SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Sample Questions

What is SEO?

What is Google PR as shown on Google toolbar?

What is key word density?

What is the numeric range of PR shown on Google Toolbar?

Is Frame based website recommended for SEO?

In Google, how do you find the backward links for a webpage?

List 3 important directories.

List 3 important online Press Release sites.

List 3 important article sites.

What are the advantages of SEO?

What are the disadvantes of SEO?

What is black hat SEO? List 3 black hat SEO techniques.

List 5 important website parameters for onsite SEO?

What is the difference between direct and indirect link?

What is the recommended length (in characters) of the Title and the Description tags?

What do you mean by SERPs?

What do you mean by keyword proximity?

What do you mean by keyword stemming?

What do you mean by cloaking?

What are the different ways of link building?

What is the approximate size (in US $) of SEO industry?

How do you optimize dynamic web pages?

What is Mod_Rewrite module?


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