Interview Tips for freshers

Here are some information that I present , plz have some patience & read the complete mail .wipro has 3 modes of selection .
1. Written test
2.Technical interview
3.Hr interview
I have also given the details of books which mostly refered .I ) . Written :Usually Wipro assigns 80 ques / 90 min . But I attended at my campus ,hence I had 50 ques / 50 min .There are three section in Wipro's written :VERBAL SECTION Plz follow Barrons GRE from 11 to 15 th edition .including 5 model q-paper given at the last .Just mug up the following things .
1 Analogy
3.Sentence correction
4. Sentence completion

Dont follow the book "Quantitative & Aptitude " By RS Agarwall. Plz follow "Verbal & Non verbal reasoning " By RS Agarwall.And I found all the questions were of Logical reasoning type . Some questions are different like , octal-binary , bin-hexa conversion.

Study the following books for C questions .1. Test your Skills in c.2.Exploring C 3.Let us c 4. pointers in C All the books are by Yaswanth Kanitkar Kanitkar .The following book is also usefull1. The C programming Language by Dennish Ritchie .

IMPORTANTYou attend all the question without fail. Try for maximum . If ur written score is top , then they wont miss u even if u dont do the technical interview well. also go thro wipro's old question papers , bcause its possible that someof the questions may be repeated .

Technical Interview
Most of the technical questions are from following areas .
1 C , C++ ( Oops Basic concepts ) some times they may ask u to write codes and brainstorm u with pointers .Say , * Explain the working of printf ( ) and scanf () .* whats function pointer and write the syntax.* whats the difference between malloc() and calloc ( ).* whats void pointer ? , null pointer ?[ like , some tricks in c .... ]
2.Data Structures ( searching , sorting , trees . But graphs are not considered mostly . ) .They will give u some data & u will be asked to sort out the data manually.also know about the no of comparison & computation [ like for Quick sort o(nlogn ) for bubble sort : o(n's square )] Also some times they ask u to write programs like ,* infix to post and pre-fix * Factorial using recursion ,* swapping 2 numbers with out using the 3rd variable . * syntax for binary tree* program for linked list , double , circular lists .[ Just write anything , which may be wrong ! They just check for urconfidence , they dont look at the code keenly !! ]

3. Operating System .
For this part , just revise ur subject ( bcause all of u could have already studied this subject) . Be sure of Memory management including Paging,Segmentation , also page replace ment algoritms , Process concepts ,scheduling alogorithms . Dead lock & prevention part is very very important .Dont miss to study the classical problem of dead lock including Dining philosopher problem , Producer consumer problem.

IMPORTANT :os is very easy area . So u can easily impress the interviewer if u correctly produce the answers for ur Os questions . Give the suitable definition for each question. Dont baffle the things . Try to produce the answers by usking questions urself before u attend the interview .Say for example , the following questions cant have appropriate definitionin the text book ! * Whats External Fragmentation ?* Whats Internal Fragmentation ? * Whats the differnce between Linux & Windows ? [ U give bullet point answers , Dont say like Windows is good , Linux is worst !!!!! ] Mostly follow the books for Os , * "Operating System concepts by Silbertz Scatz " * Modern Operating System by Andrew Tanenbaum.
Revise the SQL [ u should be able to write queries ] , and study about the Normal Forms [1,2,3,4,5, with BCNf ], Joining Tables [left/right/full.outetr joining ],They some times ask about the integrities like domain , referentialintegrity .Also be sure with keys like , Super, primary , candidate , Foriegn keys .For DBMS follow the book , " Data Base system concepts " By Korth .

5. Networking
Just know about the OSI stack and routing protocols and some thing about Ip classes .
Say for example , when u r asked to tell some differnce about Windows and Linux , if u say like , " Windows is COM based or Win32 API based........" . Then the next question will be "whats COM ? Whats Win32 API ?" .So , use ur words very grisp and compact .[ I had this experience when I was answering . He asked me to tell aboutthe OSI layers , I was answering , at that time I used the word , " Incase of ATM network ....." , u know , he forgot about the OSI , and stared to ask from ATM . Then I told hime that I was not aware of ATM , and I could behappy if he continue with the OSI layer again !!! ]
U CAN LEAD THE INTERVIEWER ! , Yes just make a boundary of questions saying that this is my interest subject , I will be happy if u ask more from this area . But say this after u tried for some questions .Dont say I DONT KNOW !!! . Instead say like , " I am not much aware of it ! "Prepare ur project [ if u have any mini project or ur final year project] . Atleat u must report about one project when u r asked to explain about ur project.when u r asked to tell about the project , u just give him an overviewlike , * The project name is .... "xyz " ...* This is used to .......* This has these advatages .......* I used these things ( like c , c++ ,Java ) in my project .They will surely ask u to write some coding of some modules of ur project .[ I used SQL with Jsp in my-project . They asked me to write the coding for connecting JDBC with SQL ]. And explain ur role in ur project. [ also I was asked to explain about my role in the project and tell about the major technical risk in the project and how I cleared the hurdle .]

HR interview .
U should be knowing a lot of ur-self at first ! since most of the questions are related to u and ur background .Be preoared for the standard questions like , * Tell ablout ur-self ? [ or some time they will tease u like " who are u ?"] * Tell me about ur family background .* Tell ur strength and weakness ?* Why should I hire u ? * what do you know about Wipro ? * What do you expect from Wipro ? * Where u want be posted ? [ u just say anywhere ! ] * Where do u find ur-self after 5 years ? [ Dont say I like to become anIAS or IPS !!! tell some thing related ur professional life ] * whats ur short-term goal & whats ur long term goal ? [ This answer shouldmatch with ur pervious answer ! Thats why again they put the question usingdifferent way !! ]* Whats ur achievment ? or tell about ur co-curricular and extra-curricularactivities.They will ask u a lot of cross questions when u r answering , so be patientand give proofs to all ur points .I have some general tips to tell u all .

General comments
1. Keep a smiling face when u enter , that will let the tension to get rid off.
2. Dont speak too much ! and also Dont Give one line or one word answers .
3. Always speak cool . Dont expose that u r nervous / get tensed .
4. When u dont know answers for some questions , dont say " I dont know " .Instead , redirect the interviewer saying that , " Sir I am not strong in that area , I will be happy if u ask questions from ...... [ the areawhich u know well ! ]"
5.Dont keep mum for any questions , thats a very bad sign ! , Instead just track the session by speaking some related things .
6. Dont use unwanted keyword / phrase ( which the mistake that I committedand I explianed it above !!! )
7. Once u tell anything , plz stand by with ur answers , dont get backur words !!
8. Almost try to communicate using simple english and be sure that u gotthe correct question also ur answer reached the interviewer.
9. Maintain a flow , thats , u maintain a gap of some jiffy between thequestion and the answer .
10 . The one more thing is that , you believe that u r out smarted , urthe ultimate , and have a gentle look with confidenc , then u will win !


sandeep July 29, 2007 at 6:34 AM  

this is good to have these kind of knowledge..thx

ronil August 1, 2007 at 10:17 PM  

Thanks for the exact informaton. This is better than what i found at other sites like zoomfreshers

happy August 4, 2007 at 9:24 AM  

Excellent information regarding interview presentation which i ever seen before anywhere.Now i am very confident to face a interview.Thanksalot.

krishna August 7, 2007 at 10:21 AM  

First of all iam very happy to see this site.Its a wonderfull information for freshers.Thankyou.

muru August 28, 2007 at 4:55 AM  

Its a wonderful page given out with keen intrests on the freshers and job seekers
this really gives an confidence and it also let a moral support for them.I Thank all who worked on this page and expecting a lot more form u Guys...Keep it Up

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